Seniors Hop to the Annual Senior Easter Luncheon

Once the music ended, winners of the "toss the bunny" game held the plush toy in the air.

By Nalani Lopez

Dressed in their pastels and spring attire, seniors of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community hopped into the Salt River Community Building for the annual Senior Easter Luncheon on March 29. Hosted by Senior Services, the event brought together senior friends and relatives for an afternoon of food, prizes and laughs. Also joining in the fun was the Easter Bunny himself, spreading joy to all those in attendance.

Before lunch was served, games like “toss the bunny” had every-bunny excitedly passing around the plush bunny, hoping to be the lucky winner. Those in luck received Easter baskets filled with goodies and prizes.

In one corner, attendees could be heard giggling away as they put on fluffy bunny ears and held props like carrots and rabbits for complimentary Easter photocards.

Then, almost like a flash mob, members of the audience gathered at the front to perform classics like the chicken dance.

Approaching lunchtime, the seniors were treated to a plate of warm chicken and mini bundt cakes. Good eats and conversation filled the rest of the hour.

With stomachs full and raffles won, the seniors at the Easter Luncheon headed out to enjoy their upcoming Easter weekend with family and friends.

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