Multi-Family Apartment Complex Development for SRPMIC Members Under Consideration

SRPMIC is conducting a survey on a proposed housing development in 15-acre plot of Community land, located just east of Scottsdale Community College.

One way to address the housing needs of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community is by asking Community members what they want. With that in mind, the SRPMIC Community Development Department (CDD) is conducting an online survey about a proposed 160-unit apartment complex consisting of one, two- and three-bedroom units. The survey feedback and opinions provided by Community members will allow Council to determine if the development will move forward into the development phase. 

Graphic courtesy of Community Development Department

The survey can be accessed online at until September 20, when the comment period closes. The housing development information includes conceptual floorplans; the sizes of the one-, two- and three-bedroom units are 793, 1,077 and 1,323 square feet, that Community members would be able to rent. 

Graphic courtesy of Community Development Department

Christi Andrews, CDD assistant director, said the proposed development is about providing SRPMIC members an opportunity to seek affordable housing in the Community. The proposed site of the apartment complex is a 15-acre plot of tribal land east of Scottsdale Community College. The complex consists of two-story buildings, with a clubhouse and plenty of space for outdoor activities. This includes such amenities as covered parking, a basketball court and a splash pad. 

“We want to make sure we are meeting the needs of the Community, and what this survey provides is a chance for them to share their thoughts on a housing development before anything gets finalized,” said Andrews. She said that affordable housing alternatives provide SRPMIC members a chance to consider living on or off of the Community. 

According to the development background, the apartment complex would be built, owned and operated by a third-party development company with experience in successful multi-family developments. 

Proposed funding for the development would require the developer to contribute up to $30 million toward the construction of the complex, while the Community would put up to $20 million. As part of the joint venture, the Community would oversee the design and construction, and after completion they would offer affordable, below-market rental rates for Community members. 

Additionally, the information provided on the survey website includes rental rates, amenities and design components in order for respondents to provide their opinions on those elements. Survey questions ask whether individuals would be interested in renting there; whether the rental rate is too high, too low or just right; and if they would like to be informed about any future information on the apartment complex development and other housing updates. Those taking the survey are asked to provide tribal identification numbers to verify that they are Community members.

Andrews said that although the housing development is meant to be affordable, it is open to all individuals. “One of the [questions] that we are seeing from the survey is if this [development] is just for low-income families. This would not be a low-income housing subdivision; it is more of a housing opportunity,” said Andrews. “This may even be [someone’s] stepping stone to their forever home.”

For Community members, who would like to know more about the housing development, please call 480-362-3535, or send an email to: 

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