Community Learns About Adaptive Recreation and Outdoor Recreation Activities

Social Program Manager Sera Gould demonstrates fishing in a kayak during the Experience for All event on Saturday, January 21.

On Saturday, January 21, Community Recreational Services presented Experience for All, an inclusive event for all Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community members to experience hands-on adaptive and outdoor recreational activities and demonstrations at the Accelerated Learning Academy (former Salt River High School) track.

Recreation Coordinator II Kevin Riding In and Recreation Coordinator Teegan Smith set up the archery station before guest arrive.

The event kicked off with a Walk of Acceptance, a walk to raise awareness and support for people living with disabilities and to embrace everyone for their abilities. The first 125 participants were given a T-shirt and other incentives for their participation. Families decorated their bibs in support of their loved ones who participated in the Adaptive Recreation program as they walked a few laps around the track. 

“January 20 is International Day of Acceptance, but we are celebrating it on January 21. It’s a celebration to accept individuals with various disabilities by offering them all these activities we have set up today,” said Adaptive Recreation Coordinator Tammy Thomas. 

Activities and demonstrations included fishing, camping, archery, outdoor gardening and paddle sports (kayak and stand-up paddle) with Arizona Adaptive Watersports.

For more information on the CRS Adaptive Recreation Program and all the other programs and events provided to SRPMIC members, call (480) 362-6800 or visit the Way of Life Facility Facebook page at

T-shirts and other incentives were given to the first 125 participants.
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