SRPMIC Member Business owner Profile: Art and Max’s Landscaping

Art Galvin and his wife Max (not pictured) provide tree removal and trimming for one customer; above shows before and after results of their services.

Q: What made you want to start your own business, and why did you choose this type of business? 

A: We had a landscaping business in the past called Arturo’s Landscaping, and he decided he wanted to work with Ranker and he moved with them to a different plant near Florence. We decided to start our own business again to be our own boss.      

Q: How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your business? 

A: The virus has not affected the business. We continue to provide our services to our regular customers, who are all over the Valley. 

Q: To what do you attribute your success? 

A: The customers who continue to hire us for these services.  

Q: What are your company’s goals? 

A: Our goals are to hopefully grow bigger with the help of family and a lot of friends.  

Q: What is unique about your business? 

A: Getting to know the people and learning what services they want, then [doing it] the way they want it. If they don’t like the outcome, we try to make it right and fix the issue right away. 

Q: If you could give one piece of advice to someone just starting out in business, what would that be? 

A: Try to give your customers the best deal that you can and always check and see if the customer is satisfied. If they are not, try to make it right as soon as possible.  

Art and Max Galvin, Owners 

3140 N. Harris Mesa, AZ 85256

(480) 667-9403


Services: Mowing service, sprinkler repair, tree trimming, palm tree trimming, clean up and maintenance

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