Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Youth Art Contest Winners

Artwork by Vivian Rosenstein (third grade)

For Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day on December 7, youth in grades K-12 used their imagination to draw, color or paint an image in remembrance of Pearl Harbor or the USS Arizona. Each winner received a $50 gift card to a Talking Stick Entertainment District partner property. Because this was the inaugural contest, it was decided that all 11 entries from children of various ages would receive the prize.

The young artists who entered the contest are Vivian Rosenstein (third grade), Alexis Aguilar (fourth grade), Amelia Lasiloo (fourth grade), Cruz Lasiloo (fifth grade), Eli Osif (fifth grade), Elijah Little (12th grade), Hunter Le (kindergarten), Jacob Porchas (sixth grade), Mason Giago (fourth grade), Michaela Collins (fifth grade) and Victor Rosenstein (first grade

By Jacob Porchas, Grade 6.
By Mason Giago, Grade 4.
By Eli Osif, Grade 5.
By Alexis Aguliar, Grade 4.
By Amelia Lasiloo, Grade 4.
By Cruz Lasiloo, Grade 5.
By Hunter Le, Kindergarten.
By Michaela Collins, Grade 5.
By Victor Rosenstein, Grade 1.
By Elijah Little, Grade 12.
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