Parent Night Held for Parents and Guardians of Salt River Students

Parents take part in the first Parents Night held by Salt River Schools and Community Relations.

Staff from the School & Community Relations Department of Salt River Schools hosted a Parent Night on Tuesday, November 15, at the Salt River Community Building. Parents and guardians of Salt River students were invited to learn about the resources provided for all students enrolled in school in Salt River.

“We understand the importance of parents knowing what resources and services are available for their students,” said Miranda Johnson-Moya, Education Program manager.

LaRue Jackson creates a daily responsibility chart to help get her students on a routine.

The 90-minute event kicked off with a prayer given by Attendance Officer Kathy Toney, which was followed by a meal. Johnson-Moya began by informing parents about school operations, student advocacy and enrollment. Behavioral Health Counselor Cathy Mangels discussed communication and expectations; Attendance Officer Jessica Ray provided tips on self-care; and Toney and Attendance Officer Reba Thomas shared tips on establishing a morning routine for parents and students to maintain a schedule so they can be prepared for school and improve attendance. 

Johnson-Moya talked about the school options open to Salt River students: public schools, charter schools, boarding schools, online education or pursuing a GED. In addition to enrollment services, Salt River Schools also provides counseling and support for behavioral, social, emotional, academic and special education issues.  

Communication is key, Johnson-Moya said. It’s important for parents and guardians to communicate with their child’s school, teacher, principal and anyone involved in their child’s education. Check your child’s online student portal to stay up to date on their work progress and monitor their attendance record. Some parents may need help getting their children evaluated and tested for an individualized education program (IEP). 

In her talk about self-care, Ray emphasized that it’s important to make sure your children are okay simply by asking them and talking to them. She discussed a number of activities to help parents and students relax and focus; she suggested helping your student to focus on the current moment, talk about their feelings, or maybe start a journal. 

Attendance Technician Marchetta Lewis helps keep students busy as their parents learn about all the resources SRC has to offer.

Toney and Thomas offered some ideas to help families design a new routine to help students establish independence and improve school attendance. A routine helps children gain independence because it creates expectations for them and they know what’s expected of them. As they follow the routine and learn what to do, it will boost their self-esteem, help them develop life skills and better equip them to handle transitions in their lives. 

The event ended with door prizes and raffle prize giveaways. Mark your calendar now for the next Parent Night, which is on February 28, 2023. Stay up to date by following Salt River Schools on Facebook and Instagram. 

For any assistance regarding your child’s education, call School & Community Relations at (480) 362-2534.

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