Free Public Health Kiosk Ready for Use at River People Health Center


The River People Health Center is now home to a new kiosk that carries an assortment of public health–approved items for people to choose from. Access to the kiosk is available free of charge for enrolled Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community members and eligible family members.

Items and services available at the kiosk include condoms, fentanyl test strips, an RX destroyer (disposes of any medications in pill form), test strips for xylazine (a harmful tranquilizer found in illegal drugs), COVID-19 antigen tests, Narcan® (naloxone HCl) and “Test My Drink,” which tests for the presence of date-rape drugs in beverages.

Each box of Narcan nasal spray includes two doses and is intended for the emergency treatment of a known or suspected opioid overdose. Always remember to call 911 when any suspected overdose occurs.

SRPMIC Public Health recommends taking some time to become familiar with each of the products by reviewing their packaging and instructions carefully first before using.

According to Health and Human Services Public Health nurse Lynesha Armstrong, BSN, RN, MPH, there is a plan to install four more kiosks throughout the Community that will offer 24/7 access to Community members.

“We are currently in the process of collaborating with Public Works to identify the best locations for the kiosks to be placed,” said Armstrong. “We also have plans to add additional healthcare items to the kiosk in the future, and we welcome any feedback from the Community regarding the kiosk.”

For more information about the Community’s Public Health kiosk, call SRPMIC Public Health at (480) 362-2603.

How to Use the Public Health Kiosk

  • Select the “Get Started” screen.
  • Select the desired item. Remember to scroll to see all your options.
  • Touch the box below “Enter ID Here.”
  • Use the keyboard to type the code that is found on your access tag.
  • Retrieve the item from the box below.
  • Select “Got It” after you have received your item from the machine.
  • Select “Finished.”
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