Former HR Director Robin Enos Honored With Ash Tree Dedication


Former Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Human Resources Director Robin Enos was remembered on the morning of May 16 at the Two Waters Courtyard with the planting of an ash tree. Enos, who worked for the Community’s Human Resources Department for 45 years, passed away on July 9, 2023.

Former Health and Human Services Director Violet Mitchell-Enos was instrumental in honoring her colleague and friend with the tree.

“We were told [the ash tree] provides lots of shade and is fast-growing,” said Mitchell-Enos.

Former HR Director Robin Enos. Photo courtesy of SRPMIC HR

Providing shade was a recurring theme when mentioning Enos. The event took place shortly after 8:15 a.m., with a slight breeze ushering in clouds overhead.

“My grandpa used to have a story about when you’re sitting in the shade of a nice old tree, you remember the person who planted it. This is fitting of Robin for us today,” said HR Director Steve Haydukovich, “to show how much shade she’s provided for us, not only through her wisdom and her resilience but also her love and connection to us.”

Then, as SRPMIC President Martin Harvier led the prayer, tiny droplets of rain began to fall serenely onto the ground.

“Just kind of noticing the sprinkles here,” Harvier said at the end of his prayer. He shared that his mother has been in hospice care for a few months. Every time the family visits lately, she talks about the visits that come from those who have already gone to the other side.

“It just testifies to me that [those who have gone to the other side] are actually close by, and I really feel that Robin is here today with us as we dedicate this tree in her remembrance.”

Mitchell-Enos took to the podium to acknowledge Enos’ children, Kim and D.A., as well as other members of the Enos and Grey families in attendance.

“I want to thank [Kim and D.A.] for the time that you gave up when your mom was here in her office,” she said. “I respected her greatly for her commitment to her people. Your mom taught us a lot of good things about your tribe and about how to be in the workplace.”

Kim Enos thanked the Community on behalf of her family for the nice gesture of the tree dedication.

“My mom was really dedicated to HR. She loved HR,” said Kim Enos. “She was always pushing for Community members to be employed [by the Community].”

Mitchell-Enos acknowledged all the people who helped bring the tree to where it was planted, who included President Harvier, Vickie and Kent Andrews, Shy Santo, Dave Jackson, Robert Riley and Bowie Leonard.

Leonard ended the event with two gourd songs at the site of the tree planting.

HR Manager Lillia Munoz worked with Enos for over 30 years. When they first worked together, HR was a staff of 5. Now, the department has more than 50 employees. During Enos’s career she experienced the transition of multiple department titles, from Manpower to Personnel and finally Human Resources.

“When you think of ‘HR’ you can’t help but think of Robin Enos because she was HR,” said Munoz. “As a leader, she led by example in everything she did, from her professional work attire to being ready to serve by 8 a.m. sharp every morning and offering the best customer service possible.”

According to Munoz, Enos instilled a good work ethic in her HR staff, which is she said still practiced today. “[Enos] was not only our HR Director, but she was also our mentor and dear friend. She was a woman full of strength, integrity and kindness. She was one of a kind, a true gem,” said Munoz.

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