Emergency Management Highlight: Emergency Notification Tools


By Terry Nelson
SRPMIC Emergency Management Coordinator

The need to stay connected and be informed is more important today than ever. How Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community (SRPMIC) members and others receive one-way broadcasts through emergency notification systems is critical. 

Currently, SRPMIC Community members, along with the general public, can receive announcements broadcast by emergency-response agencies in the following ways:

Mass Announcements are one-way messages sent through SRPMIC Emergency Management that members need to opt in. The system is available to send messages to inform SRPMIC residents of local emergencies via landlines. Members must submit their mobile phone information to Emergency Management to be added to the distribution list. 

Community Emergency Notification System (CENS) alerts are one-way prerecorded messages sent through the 911 database, in which some landlines are automatically registered. This system enables landline phones to receive messaging for incidents such as major fires, flash floods, hazardous materials spills, endangered children, and public-safety threats or incidents. To receive alerts on mobile devices, users can opt in at https://maricoparegion911.onthealert.com/.

Emergency Alert System (EAS) alerts are one-way messages sent through television and radio that do not require you to opt in. The system is designed to enable the President of the United States to inform the public about an event of nationwide concern and also allows state and local authorities to alert individuals in cases such as local weather emergencies. 

Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) are one-way messages sent through mobile devices; you do not need to opt in to receive these. WEA alerts are sent by authorized government authorities through your mobile carrier. Alerts include extreme weather, AMBER alerts and presidential alerts during national emergencies. These broadcasts are sent from area cell towers to mobile devices. 

The Ready Maricopa Community Preparedness Mobile App provides weather alerts. The app also provides open shelter locations, customizable emergency checklists, updated evacuation routes, and tips on how to prepare for impending disaster. The app is free through the App Store and Google Play.

For more information on staying connected or for assistance in registering your device to the systems mentioned above, contact SRPMIC Emergency Management at (480) 362-7929 or Terry.Nelson@srpmic-nsn.gov.  

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