“Telling the Stories of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community”

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“Telling the Stories of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community”

VIEWS: 3340 March 2, 2022

SRPMIC Employees Recognized During Virtual Employee Service Awards Presentation

By Dodie Manuel

More than 280 employees of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community tribal government were recognized for their dedication to the SRPMIC at the annual Employee Service Awards presentation on February 24. Due to COVID-19, a virtual presentation substituted for the traditional luncheon event.

SRPMIC President Martin Harvier, Vice-President Ricardo Leonard and members of Council offered words of thanks and appreciation. This was followed by the awards presentation, highlighting the individual employees with 20+ years of service and recognizing the names of those who have achieved the five-, 10- and 15-year marks. 

This year 108 employees reached five years with the SRPMIC, 61 reached 10 years, 61 reached 15 years, 36 reached 20 years, 13 reached 25 years, five reached 30 years and one reached 40 years. 

Cultural Resources Department Educational Specialist Diane Cashoya is the one who has 40 years of service, after starting her career journey with the Community in 1981. Salt River Schools Food Services Secretary Naomi Manuel, retired SRFD firefighter Theodus “Odie” Toney, Public Works Heavy Equipment Operator Alejandro Martinez, Public Works Solid Waste Supervisor Derrick Lewis and Salt River Court Executive Secretary Lynelle Trujillo all have worked for the Community for 30 years now. 

Manuel originally started with the Community in the 1980s, working for Recreation for a couple of years; later she returned to work for the Community as a teacher’s aide at the Early Childhood Education Center, back when it was located next to the Salt River Day School. 

“I was fortunate to help start our teen mother’s program, which was located at the Presbyterian Church, so our young mothers were able to attend Desert Eagle High School for their education,” said Manuel. “Then, we moved to Desert Eagle High School (which is currently now the location of the Department of Corrections), which made it easier for our moms to be on campus with their babies.”

Manuel continued to work at ECEC for 14 years; during that time, she received her teaching certificate and was a teacher for students of different age levels. She later moved on to Salt River Schools Food Services, where she still works today. 

“The past few years have gone by pretty fast, and right now I’m not too sure where my path will lead me. I’m really enjoying being here, even though I’m not teaching. I still get to see our children and watch them grow up, and that is the best part of my job,” said Manuel. “I would like to say thank you to Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community for letting me put in the time of these past 30 years.”

Trujillo explained that time has moved “so quickly” and she is grateful for every minute of her 30 years with the Court and the opportunity to work for the SRPMIC. 

“We continue to have more and more people [achieving years of service milestones], usually five, 10 or 15 years, because we’ve been going through a lot of hiring over the last 15 years in the Community,” said Human Resources Director Steve Haydukovich. “We continue to exceed our expectations for [employee longevity] with the Community. [It’s] a great thing, because it’s a sign of a great employer [when] people stay with us [long term] and they keep their careers going. It’s good to give people recognition for reaching those key milestones.” 

All the employees reaching years of service milestones receive a plaque and a monetary award; those with 20+ years of service also receive annual leave hours. 

“We are looking forward to next year getting back our traditional luncheon and full-on celebration. Let’s hope that 2023 is the year that we do that,” said Haydukovich, “because this is a great way to recognize people; it shows a lot of dedication, loyalty and commitment from all of these employees reaching these milestones, and it’s an important way to recognize them and show our appreciation.” 

Thank You for Your Service to the Community 

5 Years of Service 

Jennifer Simpson, IT

Claudia Avalos, IT

Sean Riggs, IT

Joshua Boyes, IT

William Warthen, IT

Brett McKinney, IT

Katrina Chavez, Finance 

Leticia Alvarez, Finance

Khandi Dickson, Finance 

Melissa Judge, Finance

Ellyse Brown, Finance

Patricia Gonzalez, Finance

Sandra Brandt, Finance

Tanesia Scott, Finance

Steven Viera, Finance

Michell Sam, Finance

Daniel Gyimah, Internal Audit

Silvana Shaw, Human Resources

Eleuteria Torres, Human Resources 

Niccole James, CRO

Sarah Edwards-Miller, Treasurer’s Office

Aristina Sanchez, OGC

Jonnie Walker, Education

Trinidad Yazzie, Education

Amanda Guerrero, Education

Kyronna Roanhorse, Education

Monique Baldwin, Education

Mareencita Ramos, Education

Tara Grey, Education

Denelle Prieto, Education

Erica Outcalt, Education

Anna Williams, Education

Arkiketa Charley, Education

Kerri Neilson, Education

Lisa Haines, Education

Winnie Frank, Education

Christina Baptisto, Education

Saralinda Isabella, Education

Kenton Kashoya, Cultural Resources

Micheal Juan, Cultural Resources

Martha Martinez, Cultural Resources

Daniel Enos, ECS 

Blas Rey, ECS 

Michael Thomas, ECS 

Albert Vera, ECS 

Abel Acuna, ECS 

Wilfred Charlie, ECS 

Rose Mack, HHS

Malkia Yussuf, HHS

Cheyenne Roanhorse, HHS

Monte Yazzie, HHS

Tiauna Schneider, HHS

Lisa Kaufman, HHS

Terry Nelson, SRFD 

Sean Garrity, SRFD

Eric Rabago, SRFD

Anthony Garcia, SRFD

Jayce Johnson, SRFD

Aaron Mireles, SRFD

Angel Hudgens, SRFD

Orlando Calzadillas, SRPD

Jack Thompson, Public Works

Armando Rodriguez, Public Works

Jerry Silversmith, Public Works

Carlos Valenzuela, Public Works

Linda Eckstein, Public Works

Dwayne Ludlow, Public Works

Delbert Reeder, Public Works 

Jeff Rind, Public Works

Lonnie Cooper, Public Works

Pamela Tracy, Public Works

Andrea Stepp, DOT

Gabriel Lopez, DOT

Juan Guerrero, DOT

Elysia Lupe, CDD

Maxine Stifanos, CDD

Victor Gonzales, CDD

Francia Neisen, CDD

Jaden Castro, Senior Service 

Natasha Antone, Senior Service

Christopher Begay, Senior Service

Vicki Quintero, Senior Service

Adrian Doctor, Senior Service

Cheryl Tate, Senior Service

Shannon Trujillo, Senior Service

Mercy Thomas, Senior Service

Crystal Gonzalez, Senior Service

Delores Leal, Senior Service

Carlos Leon, Senior Service

Kevin Castillo, Senior Service

Gloria Cachora, Social Services 

Dale Washington, Social Services

Stephen Hudson, Social Services

Bailey Bersano, Social Services

Ariia ta Holloway, Social Services

Jeri Williams, CRA

Jeneil Church, CRA 

Neum Lewis, CRA

LaTisha Carr-Tague, CRA

Kevin Pooley, Prosecutor’s Office

Lorenzo Sierra, Defense Advocate 

Mary Washington, Legal Services 

Sarah De Oliveira, Legal Services

William Morgan, Legal Services

Denise Sanchez, Legal Services

Onise Silas, Legal Services

Nicholas Walters, Legal Services

Douglas Nelson, Jr., DOC

10 Years of Service

Andrew Osif, IT

Wayne Sekaquaptewa, IT

Angela Williamson, Finance 

Melanie Murray, Human Resources 

Andrew Weiler, Human Resources

Chester Mack, Human Resources

Amy Francisco, Human Resources

Julie Sepulveda, CRO

Jennifer Giff, OGC

Teresa Masayesva, Recreation 

Melissa Rave, Recreation

Samantha Mielkey, Education

Gayl Howell, Education

Ipa Dutchover, Education

Bernadette Spencer, Education

Stephen Vega, Education

Robert Barnes, Education

Jessica Ray, Education

Herbert Chandler, Education

Martha Kinney, Education

Erica Reyes, Education

Delaine Short, Education

Mary Garcia, Cultural Resources 

Jamie James, ECS  

Lysette Hernandez, ECS 

William Benitez, ECS 

David Black, ECS 

John Godfrey, HHS

Vurlene Notsinneh-Bowekaty, HHS

Christopher Henke, HHS

Celeste Lomavaya, HHS

Rudi Cooney, HHS

Jonathan Hattabaugh, SRFD

Adrian Vega, SRFD

Chris Hertzog, SRFD

Dariusz Gruna, SRPD

Orhan Jakupi, SRPD

Christopher Miles, Public Works

Abraham Lopez, Public Works

Darrell Schurz, Public Works

Ricky Carrillo, Public Works

Anthony Becker, Public Works

Jose Garcia, DOT

Anthony Soliz, DOT

Meredith Duwyenie, CDD

Jeremy Phillips, CDD

Brittany Barranca, CDD

Melvin Deer, Senior Services 

Christina Fulwilder, Senior Services

Eldon Moore Senior Services

Rachelle Guerrero, Social Services

Jenny Valenzuela, Social Services

Daryl Attakai, CRA

Aurnelia Joey, CRA

Seraphina Manuelito, CRA

Karen Borea, Prosecutors Office

Anya Musto, Prosecutors Office

Cynthia Leon, Defense Advocates

Joanne Tarzia, Defense Advocates

Alicia Randall, DOC

15 Years of service 

Patricia Rush, Administration 

Codruta Damian, IT 

Fred Harris, IT

Drik Philipps, IT

Angie Wong, Finance

Terry Albin, Finance

Martha Berna,l Human Resources

Jeffery Harmond, OGC

Lea Lee, Education 

LeRoy Eswonia, Education

Clarice Garcia, Education

Keri Tuchawena, Education

Judith Santeo, Education

Chauncey Track, ECS 

Gnaneshwar Marupakula, ECS 

Parag Devani, ECS

Roderick Keevama, ECS 

Ricky Barton, ECS 

Maynard Jackson, ECS 

Tony Joe, ECS 

Julio Morales, ECS 

Rodney Osif, ECS 

Dagoverto Rodriquez, ECS 

Jarvis Woody, ECS 

Ilene Lewis, HHS

Jamie Schurz, HHS

Dustin Zamboni, SRFD

Christopher Kenitzer, SRFD

Kevin Langolf, SRFD

Marlinda Thomas, SRPD

Shalane Aguirre, SRPD

Travis Mathews, SRPD

Anthony Hogan, SRPD

Mayra Garcia, SRPD

Rodman Lasley, SRPD

Christopher Valencia, SRPD

Aaron Moser, SRPD

G Bury, SRPD

Izzak Hoch, SRPD

Raymond Begay, Public Works

Josiah Manuel, Public Works

Beulah Blacka, Public Works

Valerie Lewis, Public Works

Juana Fulwilder, CDD

Mavis Allen, CDD

Gina Navarro, CDD

Paulette Schurz, Social Services

Sylvia Castillon, CRA

Jose Padilla, CRA

Reuben Thomas, CRA

Krystal Martinez, Court

Benjamin Gonzales, Court

Gwendlyn Osif, Court

Allyson Thomas, Court

Danny Brown, DOC

Jorge Gallardo, DOC

Lawrence Williams, DOC

Patrick Lindley, DOC

Kevin Howard, DOC

Fendrick Campbell, DOC

David Bermudez, DOC

20 Years of Service 

Monica Lewis, Administration

Alana Osife, IT

Robert Streeter, IT

John Mitzel, IT

Dean Torres, Treasurer’s Office

Marcella Valencia, Education 

Anissa Bark, Education

Tonya Coakley, Education

Rito Lopez, ECS

Stephanie Manning, HHS

Michelle Long, HHS

Patricia Rodarte, Salt River Clinic

Michael Mink, SRFD

Raymond Cartagena, SRFD

Richard Medina, SRFD

Cary Nahgahgwon, SRFD

Gabriel Scabby, SRFD

Michaela Sample, SRPD

Rachelle Marquez, SRPD

Julian Owens, SRPD

Rena Halloway, SRPD

William Peel, SRPD

Salvador Montoya, Public Works

Lorraine Kavoka, Public Works

Daryl Hernasy, Public Works

Irwin Santo, Public Works

Ernesto Ruiz, Public Works

Stanley Belone, CDD

Nathan Kehr, CDD

Philip Ortega, Social Services

Teressa Landin, CRA

Krystal Kort, CRA

William Esplin, CRA

Kristina King, CRA

Blanche Dehorney, Prosecutors Office

Ronaldo Ashley ,DOC

25 Years of Service 

Erica Harvier, Administration 

Jo Ann Bryd, IT 

Doreen (Dodie) Manuel, CRO

Teresa Gonzales, Education 

Irma Smith, Education

Carl Hubboard, ECS 

Richard Klebieko, ECS 

Denise Takala, HHS

Myrna Pavatea, HHS

Rose Anderson, Salt River Clinic

Gloria Vasquez, Public Works

Theda Corona, Salt River Court

Donna Ray, Defense Advocate

30 Years of Service 

Naomi Manuel, Education 

Theodus Toney, SRFD

Alejandro Martinez, Public Works

Derrick Lewis, Public Works

Lynelle Trujillo, Salt River Court

40 Years of Service 

Diane Cashoya, Cultural Resources