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Buyer Beware

As mobile home parks close in the Community, there may be an influx of homes for sale at very low prices, or even offered to be given away to Community Members. The old adage of “buyer beware” remains relevant to these types of offers.

There are several considerations to think about prior to purchasing an old used manufactured home. Although the idea to purchase an old used mobile home may seem like the convenient way to go, buyers should consider, the older the model the more problems at stake. This is a good indication of the life expectancy of an older used trailer and its overall condition. Working to renovate an older used trailer normally become a patchwork of endless fixtures.

Here are some key points to consider for old used mobile homes:

Mobile home structures have improved over the years, however, trailers more than 20 years old that often sell at a steep discount may have hidden flaws. Homeowners of old trailers find themselves endlessly repairing the structure from broken windows, doors, flooring, walls, electrical, roofing, siding, and the list goes on. Getting an inspection of the mobile home first, will save you time, money and the position of endless patchwork.