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School and Community Relations Holds Open House

Several adults study in getting their GED at the new site, which is located where the Salt RIver Library once was.

The Salt River Schools and Community Relations Office, along with the GED Program, held an open house in celebration of their move at the Salt River Community Building. The event took place on September 10.

Both offices are located within the Community Building: Schools and Community Relations is located on the second floor, and the GED Program is located on the north side, where the Salt River Library used to be.

Throughout the morning, guests could walk around the new offices, enjoy refreshments and learn about the programs that both divisions have to offer.

“The open house went great. Several parents and Community staff members stopped by, and we also had individuals from agencies outside the Community stop by as well,” said Education Program Manager Miranda Johnson-Moyah. “We also handed out Schools and Community Relations promo items and food.”

Many of the guests that stopped by were amazed at how different the location looked and said they could feel the positive energy in the building.

“They asked questions about our services and stopped by each office. They were able to catch a glimpse of each staff member’s space and commented that it felt very welcoming,” said Johnson-Moyah.

Downstairs, the GED Program’s space was filled with many participants who were going through the process of getting their diplomas while the open house went on. Staff explained how the GED Program works, and how participants could also earn college credit in English and creative writing through the Maricopa Community Colleges.

For more information on Salt River Schools School and Community Relations, call (480) 362-2588; for the GED Program, call (480) 362-2142. The new address for both offices is 1880 N. Longmore Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85256.