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Teens from the Teen Wolf Program learn how to make fruit sushi during the Salt River Library’s Teen Cooking class.

Teens Learn How to Make Fruit Sushi

On Thursday, September 19, a group of teens from the Teen Wolf Program participated in the Salt River Library’s Teen Cooking class at the Way of Life Facility kitchen. The teens learned how to make fruit sushi.

First they learned about cooking safety, basic knife skills and the proper way of cutting fruit for the sushi. They learned about the difference between the rices used to make sushi and how to properly measure the rice and water when cooking the rice.

The final step of the sushi roll-making process began with the youth laying out their rice on a bamboo mat and placing their cut fruit in the center before rolling it into a sushi roll.

“This is my first time making sushi; it was a challenge. It was hard to roll the rice, but it was fun trying to learn how to cook something,” said participant Duke Talieje.

The youth sliced their rolls into little sushi bites and used chopsticks to eat them. They enjoyed making sushi and in anticipation asked the Library staff when the next cooking class would be.

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Teens use chopsticks to eat their fruit sushi.
The Teen Wolf Program learn the basic knife skills when learning how to cut fruit.