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Community Member Competes in INFR and Orme Dam Victory Days Rodeos

(R) Erich Rogers from Round Rock, Arizona ropes the horns of the steer while Community member Ty Romo does the heeling at the Orme Dam Victory Days Rodeo in Ft. McDowell last month. Photo by Dodie Manuel

Recently, Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community member Ty Romo competed in team roping competitions at the Orme Dam Victory Days Rodeo and the Indian National Finals Rodeo.

He took time recently to talk about each competition with O’odham Action News.

During the Orme Dam Victory Days rodeo, held on the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation November 15-17, Romo and his team-roping partners had their ups and downs. “We did good in the long-go. I placed fourth, and that was with Erich Rogers with a time of 6.17,” said Romo.

He said that his time for the next round, with partner Ed Hawley, wasn’t very good. But Romo placed fourth in the rodeo for open team roping.

Romo said he uses his good horse, Carolyn, at all the big rodeos. She is a buckskin mare that he has had for a while.

At the INFR Rodeo this year in Las Vegas, Romo had his most successful performance thus far. He placed first in the afternoon go-around performance on October 23 with a time of 4.59.

“In the first round, me and my partner, Dwight Sells, we didn’t do too good, but on the second round we got a time of 4.5 and won the go-around that round,” he said.

Romo said this year he practiced every day for at least a month and a half before the event.

“My goal is to try to win the event. We didn’t win the first time, so our goal changed to try to win the most money. So that’s where we started trying to win each go-around,” said Romo.

“In the third go-around, we were even faster than the second time, which was 3.8, and we won the third. And in the final go-around we ended at 4.2. We had a good time and ended up as the highest money earners at the event. I believe we ended up in fourth place in the average,” said Romo.

Romo competes at a lot of professional Turquoise Circuit pro rodeos in the Arizona/New Mexico area. “I really like the bigger events myself,” said Romo.

Romo mentioned that he would like to use his horsemanship and rodeo skills to give back to the Community. “Sometime I would like to make time to be involved in the horse camp events. Every time I want to participate [in a horse camp], it’s always around the time I’m in a rodeo. But somehow and someday I would like to get involved,” he said.