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Piestewa Games Round Up

The "Hip Historian" Marshall Shore gives his presentation on A Look at LGBTQ History in AZ.


Dozens of wrestlers took to the mat as part of the 2019 Piestewa games. The two-day wrestling event was July 19 and 20 at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Scottsdale Resort. The wrestling style was Folkstyle with boys and girls divisions combined. Medals were awarded to top finishers in a variety of divisions based on weight and age.


On July 21, the final games for the Fiesta Bowl Lori Piestewa National Native American Games were playing out all across the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. The Lori Piestewa games feature a series of youth basketball teams with players in fifth through eighth grades who face off against each other in a series of fast 20-minute games. From the 2018 Piestewa Native American Games, 36 tribes again registered to participate in the 2019 games, with more than half of participants coming from the Navajo Nation.

At the Lehi Community Building, MV Elite faced off against the Phoenix Hot Boys. At Salt River High School, the Elite Daisies were playing against Hoop Dreamz. Lastly, at the Sat River Community Building, it was the Ruff Ryders versus FMD.

The players gave it their all, hardly slowing down and always ready to shoot or pass. Players switched out constantly, with no timeout breaks.

Lady Ba'ag Competes in Sixth-Grade Division Basketball

The sixth-grade Lady Ba’ag team participated in the Fiesta Bowl Lori Piestewa National Native American Games, playing basketball games at the Rancho Solano Preparatory School. Lady Ba’ag played their first game against the Ballin Divas on Friday, July 19; Lady Ba’ag lost, 60-10. Lady Ba’ag played their second game on Saturday, July 20, against the San Carlos Lady Hawks; the Lady Hawks won the game, 10-28.

On Sunday, July 21, the girls went on to play in the sixth-grade division showcase bracket. The first game on the bracket was against the NW Wildcats; Lady Ba’ag won that game 15-8 and went on to play in the championship game in the showcase bracket. The girls went head-to-head with the San Carlos Lady Hawks in a rematch for the showcase championship title. The Lady Hawks, which included Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community member Shayla James’ daughter Seilah “Seesee” Smith, defeated Lady Ba’ag 25-6.

For more information about the Lady Ba’ag basketball team, check out the Salt River Ba’ag Basketball page on Facebook.


The Salt River Rez Hawks were one of a dozen teams to participate in the 2019 Lori Piestewa National Native American Games Youth Baseball Tournament.

Games were held over three days in Salt River at the Way of Life Facility and the baseball fields across from the Community Building. The Rez Sox and Muttonville Nine also had a Salt River connection.


A slight breeze cooled family and friends at the baseball games held on July 21 at the Salt River Recreation Field. It was a hot day for the exciting semifinal and final games. Boys from all ages came out to play for their teams, hoping to bring home the championship. Teammates shouted in the dugouts for good luck and parents in the bleachers told their kids to swing so hard they’ll hit the helicopters in the sky.

As the games continued, each team was hitting well-rounded innings. Finally, after starting in the morning, the championship game came to a conclusion. The crowd was cheering and the players came out and congratulated each other for a good game played. The Gila River Bears were the ones victorious as the 2019 Little League Champions.

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